To celebrate their 10th play together, writer/producer, Tony Laumberg, and director, Richard Cotter, have popped their corks and dusted off Tony’s most popular and enduring characters, the pompous CBD lawyer, Henry Crowley, and his sarcastic and perpetually inebriated wife, Margaret, in a laugh-filled tale of espionage, deception and family secrets.

What’s it about?

When Henry is conviced by an alluring young ASIO agent, Pamela Goodbody, to spy on his neighbour, Charlie Dickens, who is suspected of being a foreign agent, little does he know that his wife has been approached by another ASIO operative who not only suspects Goodbody of being a double agent but enlists the services of Margaret to spy on her own husband!

But then everything is turned on its head when Dickens proves to Henry he is a gifted animal psychic and puts him in touch with his beloved but deceased pet Border Collie from his childhood. Is Dickens really a dangerous risk to national security? Can either ASIO agent be trusted? Will any of this affect Henry’s ability to charge his normal hourly rate?

Who’s in it?

Richard Cotter, Nastassja Djalog, Daniel Felkai,
Mark McCann & Tricia Youlden

Where’s it on?

The TAP Gallery, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst

When’s it on?

Thurs, 5/8/10 to Sun, 29/8/10 - Wed to Fri at 7.00 pm,
Sat at 7.30 pm and Sun at 4.00 pm.

Preview - Thurs, 5/8/10 • Opening night - Fri, 6/8/10

What’s it cost?

Tickets are $30.00/$24.00 concession (preview $15.00) incl. GST

(plus any booking agency fee)

Bookings: MCA on 1300 306 776